Know Our Products

Kol Kol Baby Carriers is a brand of ergonomic baby carriers, which let you carry your baby in a position similar to how you would hold them in your arms. This means the utmost comfort for you and your baby.

It is made of superior cotton(100%) making it light and supportive and ensuring you and baby stay cool even on the hottest of days.

They are available in 3 styles. 


Kol Kol Ring Sling is a single layer carrier making it perfectly suited for tropical climates. 

 It has a hybrid shoulder style which means you can spread it to hug your shoulders or narrow and gathered  to give your  arm full range of movement. This shoulder style is versatile, supportive and goes a long way in minimising pressure  points when worn.
 You can do front and hip carry. It's a one size carrier.

 It is designed to carry baby from birth to toddlerhood (15 kgs).



 Kol Kol Full Buckle comes with soft, comfortable shoulder straps that work similarly to those  of a backpack and a  padded supportive waist belt fastened with a buckle. 

 You can do a front or back carry. Watch our video to know more about our carrier. 

 It is designed in 2 sizes, 

1. Standard :5.5 kgs to 20 kgs(4.5 months +approx.)

2. Toddler: 11 kgs to 22 kgs ( 18 months/32 inches height +approx.)



 The Kol Kol Meh Dai is an adjustable carrier with wide shoulder straps distributing weight  evenly across back and  shoulders. The carrier can be adjusted to suit your child from birth to toddlerhood(15 kgs/2.5 years).

 It comes with a soft, multipurpose hood to shield baby from the  sun, for more privacy when  nursing or when baby is napping. Also, a detachable storage pouch for your keys/wallet etc. 

 You can do a front or back carry. 


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