The Yearling House

The Yearling House is India's first and leading team of child development and parenting experts. They are passionate about providing guidance to parents. Right from your pregnancy, to handling a newborn, knowing how to feed a baby, handling tantrums as they become toddlers - they have multiple programs to suit every parent's needs. Their core team has consultants who are expert in early childhood development. They believe that focusing on a child's development with the right information helps raise a happy child and sets the path to success. Their professional skills and experience of parenting in India sets them apart. They bring creative solutions to suit modern life in India.


Puja Padbidri, Paediatric Physiotherapist (USA), Founder-The Yearling House
Puja graduated with a Masters in Pediatric Physiotherapy from University of Illinois, Chicago and then worked in Early Intervention (0 to 3 years old), in New York and Connecticut for 8 years. After returning to India, in 2012, when her son was a few months old, she started The Yearling House because of her strong belief that early detection and treatment is ALWAYS better for babies and young children and especially for premature babies. She combines her role as Founder of The Yearling House with mothering a spirited 5 year old boy. A passionate reader, she volunteers her time to read to young children.
Aparna Bhat- Physiotherapist and Certified Lactation Educator Counselor, Partner- The Yearling House
Aparna graduated with a Masters in Neurological Physical Therapy from Oakland University and then worked in a hospital setting for 3 years and Home Health Care for 4 years. After the birth of her first baby, she became aware of need for maternal support for breastfeeding. To help other mothers not face the same hardship she did, she got certified as a Lactation Educator and Counselor from University of California-San Diego, immediately after the birth of her second daughter.Aparna has raised her two children, aged 8 and 4, on principles of allowing development through natural exploration; baby led weaning, gentle attachment parenting and positive communication skills.
We would encourage you to join their groups, post your queries and use their excellent webinars to help become a more confident parent. 
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