Why Kol Kol ?

Most parents have told us how a baby carrier never worked for them, as their baby and they were not comfortable with it. This is until they tried a Kol Kol, an ergonomic carrier that both babies and parents love. 

This is why you should get a Kol Kol..

1. Baby sits in the same way parent would actually hold  them.

2. Baby's leg and spine get perfect support, and they are comfortable enough to fall asleep!

3. Baby's weight is properly distributed and limbs are not stressed. 

4. Baby is up high.

5.Baby's weight is distributed on Mom's shoulder, back and hips. 

6. No pain in neck,shoulder or back when worn to instructions. 

We have more reasons for buying a Kol Kol. Our carriers are 
  • Made of hand-woven fabric by weavers across India , regulated by fair trade laws. 
  • Compliant with CPSIA(Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). Our Full Buckle and Meh Dai carriers are tested for ASTM standard F2236. 
  • Hand-made by employees at our workshop. 

You will be supporting a small business.