What is Babywearing? 
Babywearing is the practice of keeping your baby close and connected to you by carrying her in a form of carrier. 


Why should I Babywear? 
It promotes bonding and helps breastfeed anywhere. It helps the parent handle everyday chores while taking care of the baby. There are many studies that show carried babies sleep, feed and grow better, and cry lesser. 


Is Babywearing only for parents? 
Not at all. Grandparents, siblings, nannies, anyone who takes cares of the baby can practice Babywearing. 


What is an ergonomic baby carrier?
A carrier that lets you carry your baby in the most natural way by supporting their bottom, is an ergonomic carrier. 


What types of carriers is does Kol Kol make?
There are 4 types of ergonomic carriers that are available. Ring Sling, Meh Dai, Full Buckle and Onbuhimo. We also make doll carriers, bags and cowls. 


When can I start using a Kol Kol Baby Carrier? 
You can start any time, from birth to toddlerhood. Please check "Carrier comparison" and "Which carrier to buy" for more information. 


How long can I use the carrier? 
You can use it through the toddler years—until either your child’s weight is too much for you or your child is no longer interested in being carried.  


Can I nurse my baby in the carrier?
Absolutely. With a little practice, it is very easy, We suggest practicing in front of the mirror at home.  The hood makes a great privacy cover for nursing. 


How do I choose the right carrier ? 
Please read our "Which carrier to buy"article. 


How can I wash my carrier? 
We want the carrier to last as long as your baby can use it.  
Hand-wash separately. Colours might run. 
Do not soak. 
Use a mild detergent. 
Do not use softeners, whiteners or harsh chemicals or bleach.
Do not iron the padded areas/belt (incase of Meh Dai & Full Buckle)
Dry in shade.
Do not wring. 
Wash bag and carrier separately.
Regular spot cleaning is suggested.
Dry cleaning recommended for natural-dyed fabric. 


Do you have any physical stores we can check the product? 
Currently, we are only an online store. You can buy your carrier on this website only. We do not offer Cash on Delivery.  


What is the delivery charge?
Delivery charge varies for each carrier due to difference in weight. The charges are Rs 100 for Doll Carrier, Rs 150 for Ring Sling , Rs 200 for Meh Dai ,Half Buckle and Full Buckle. 

For International deliveries , please add the product you wish to purchase along with the complete postal address. This will then indicate the shipping charges for the same. Just to clarify, you don't need to make the purchase to see this information.


How long will it take for delivery?
Orders received will be shipped within 48-72 hours . Once sent, It takes 5 days within India and upto 10 days for remote locations not accessed directly by our shipping partner to reach you. 
International deliveries will take upto 14 days for delivery. Custom duties and taxes will be borne by the customer only.


Is overnight delivery possible?
Currently not available. However, please do write to us at info@kolkolbabycarrier.com. 


Any discounts?
Please follow us on Facebook & Instagram to stay updated on offers. We also run contests on our Facebook Group "Kol Koling!".


Do you offer custom sizes?
Currently we do not. 


How do I use my carrier?
Please watch our tutorial videos on our YouTube Channel. 


How long will my carrier last?
Your carrier will not last forever. Like any well-used fabric, the fibres will eventually wear and become unusable. Thus, it is important you follow our care instructions.  
There is a difference in fabric colour? 
Slight difference in colour from the product image is possible. We try our best to take photos in natural light without any studio equipment. Unfortunately, a camera or a monitor cannot match perspective of an eye.  Please keep this mind when you shop. 


What is your return policy?
If you are not happy with your purchase, we can offer a replacement from our available stock. We do not offer refunds. You will have to cover the cost of delivery for the replacement. Please write to us at support@kolkolbabycarrier.com.


My baby is not happy in the carrier. Any tips? 
Babies are smarter than we think. They can sense our comfort levels. If you are a first time baby wearer here are a few tips
1. Practice few times without baby to get the hang of the carrier
2. Try it on with well fed baby in a good mood 
3. Keep walking while putting baby in the carrier, the motion calms them
If baby is still not happy after many trials, join our facebook support group called "Kol Koling!" for additional support with your carriers and meet other parents who use them. 
Ultimately, we want you to use and love your sling.